11 once-in-a-lifetime experiences to add to your travel bucket list

Bookings for “bucket-list trips” have increased by 317 percent this year. It’s evident that we all want a once in lifetime adventure after years of lockdowns.

With so many things to do, it can be difficult to know what to add to your bucket list. There are many options available, whether you’re looking for action, beautiful beaches, or unique cultural experiences.

Here are 11 memorable trips, including watching hot air balloons fly in Turkey and viewing the Northern Lights from Finland through a glass roof.

11. The Netherlands

The Floriade Expo is a once-in-a decade event that will fulfill every gardener’s dreams.

You should add the Floriade Expo to your bucket list in 2022. The Floriade Expo is a Dutch horticultural event that takes place in Almere. It was built on land which was originally reclaimed from sea.

Floriade Expo / Facebook

Almere was built with sustainability in mind. Each of its three districts has its own unique theme – Food Energy and Health. This is a unique experience that will change the way you view the world in the next ten year.

10. Finland

You can see the Northern Lights from your bedroom’s glass roof

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. There are many ways to view it.

Although most people prefer to spend time outdoors, there is one room with a glass roof that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors while lying in bed.


You won’t soon forget your aurora borealis adventure if you visit the Seaside Glass Villas Kemi Hotel.

9. Japan

Yomatsuri Nighttime Festival of Floats

Japan has some of the most rich cultural experiences anywhere on the planet. Takayama’s festival floats parade is a great way to celebrate the changing seasons.

The 17th-century Yatai (floats) are intricately carved and include Karakuri Ningyo (marionettes), which dance and move while their strings are managed and controlled by the Tsunakata (“puppeteers”).


Japanese culture is known for its appreciation of the seasons. If you visit April, you will see theThe cherry blossom’s natural beauty is breathtakingYou can also.

It’s a great idea to try local specialties while you are there. Hida-gyu is a Japanese beef breed that comes from a black-haired Japanese cattle. It is one of the most prized cuts of meat.

8. Australia

A sunrise viewing platform allows you to see the Field of Light Uluru

Australia has some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. You can see the ethereal Field of Light art installation from Yulara’s sunrise viewing platform if you get up early.

It is a wonderful experience to see Uluru lit up in a golden glow by the sun.


A tour of the base of this iconic landmark will give you insight into the culture, history and art of the Aboriginal caretakers. You will be able walk deep into Walpa Gorge and learn about the unique geological and cultural history of the area. After that, enjoy sparkling wine while you toast the red domes at Kata Tjuta.

7. Germany and Austria

Oberammergau: A life-changing experience with God

The ‘Passion Play,’ a German religious ritual, is found in the Bavarian Alps. You won’t find a better representation of Jesus Christ’s life and death by the Oberammergau Villagers.

You can have a holy experience in Austria by dining with the ‘Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood,’ at the Monastery of Kloster.


Join a local expert while on your trip and explore the highlights of the city, such as Getreidegasse and the Salzburg Cathedral. Mozart’s birthplace is also included, along with many of the locations featured in “The Sound of Music”.

You can leave Salzburg behind and head to Mondsee Abbey on the lakeside. This Benedictine monastery was the one that hosted Maria and Captain Von Trapp in the film.

6. Tanzania

Take a safari in the Serengeti during Great Migration

The Serengeti is renowned for its wildlife viewing. The Great Migration is an annual wildlife spectacle that takes place in this area between July and November.

You can listen to the local stories about how more than a million wildebeest cross Mara River each year in search for green pastures, and then enjoy Swahili food.


Walking tours through the farms, markets, and schools of Mto wa Umbu are a great way to absorb the culture and spirit of the community. You can witness the making of local banana beer and try it yourself. A visit to Lake Manyara National Park is a must for those looking for tree-climbing Lions.

5. Costa Rica

This is a great spot to see baby turtles hatching.

You don’t need to watch baby green turtles hatch on Costa Rican beaches. It is possible to experience it in person.


You can witness the incredible moment in Costa Rica by traveling there between July and September. Then, embark on a river trip to Siquirres where you will visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy Tortuguero Visitor Centre.

4. Canada

Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Goldleaf

The Canadian Rockies offer some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in the world. But there is more to the Canadian Rockies than just stunning views.

Get on board the Rocky Mountaineer Goldleaf.A train that is world-famous for its exceptional serviceMeet a member of the First Nations in Kamloops, as well as a retired Mountie from Banff.


Enjoy the First Nations culture and traditions, including Shuswap music and stories shared over dinner with First Nations members.

3. Turkey

The Cappadocia Air Balloon Spectacle is on-Screen

It is worth just visiting the Cappadocia Festival, April, to see the colourful hot air balloons floating in the sky. You can also fly higher as part of this festival and ride in one of these hot air balloons.

YASIN AKGUL/AFP or licensors

Cappadocia’s unique history is explored. The rocky spire provides the backdrop to a visit at Saratli, an underground city on the ancient Silk Road.

Enjoying the flavors of Turkey is a must. So enjoy a traditional Turkish pottery kebab at a local restaurant, before retiring to your hotel room, which has extensive views of the area.

2. Canada

Learn about dog sledding and see polar bears

Explore the Great Canadian North by going on a safari through the tundra to see the home of the Polar Bears.

You can see the arctic Fox, ptarmigan and other sub-arctic wildlife in their natural habitat if you go on a full day safari through Churchill Wildlife Management Area.


The Indigenous Inuit also call this region home.

Tundra Buggy Lodge offers a chance to taste local delights from this remote area of the world. The Tundra Buggy Lodge offers the opportunity to meet a local expert in dog-sledding and learn more about the Metis culture. After that, you can enjoy the cool breeze on your face while riding a dog-sled.

1. Antarctica

Be an explorer to visit the 7th continent

You can travel like an explorer by sailing through the Drake Passage’s icy waters and into the incredible landscapes of Antarctica.

As you glide through the Beagle Channel, you can trace Charles Darwin’s ocean trail before reaching South America’s rugged coastline.


Through lectures, briefings and orientations given by experts along the route, you will gain a better understanding of this remote continent. Get out of your comfort zone and go on Zodiac trips to see the wilderness, kayak through the icy waters and spot penguins, whales and other birds.