7 Best Monitor Stands

Monitor stands are essential accessories for a dynamic viewing experience at home and in the office. Monitor stands that are ergonomically adjustable, sturdy, and space-saving offer the best viewing experience. The stock mounts that come with the screen are limited in their features.

These monitor stands can be used for everything from large three-monitor setups to the simple single-screen setup.

A monitor stand is a necessity.

A new stand can solve the problem if you are having trouble finding the perfect angle or height with your current stand. For the most ergonomic viewing position, a new desktop mount offers greater adjustment options.

You may also want to reduce clutter on your desktop. The perfect solution is to attach monitor stands to your desk. They not only free up space on your desk but also have swivel arms that allow for maximum flexibility.

A specialized stand can be a lifesaver if you have multiple monitors. With their heavy legs, screens take up much space. Imagine trying to fit a couple, or even three, of monitors together, with limited desktop space. Multiple screens can be set up in a single stand or on multiple stands.

Does my monitor work with a new stand or is it compatible?

The universal mounting style used by television screens and PC monitors is the Video Electronics Standards Association pattern. The VESA pattern is a four-hole arrangement at the back of a monitor that lets you know if your monitor will work with a particular VESA mountable plate.

VESA patterns are defined as “horizontal distance x Vertical distance” in millimeters. This refers to the distance between the four holes. Most PC monitors support either a 75mmx75mm or 100mmx100mm VESA pattern. Many monitor stands also support both.

The best value desk stand for one screen

Mount-It Mount-It!

Mount-It! MI-1757 can support a single monitor, up to 32 inches and 17.6 pounds. For the best viewing angle, the VESA mount can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 45 degrees. An 18-inch pole can adjust the height.

This monitor stand is simple and affordable. This mount offers a greater range of adjustment than most monitor mounts and is affordable.

One monitor is the best overall stand

Mount-It! Mount-It!

The Mount-It MI-1771B monitor stand is the best you can buy for one screen. Mounting the included clamp to mount it on your desk will free up space. The gas spring arm will hold any screen between 32 inches and 20 pounds securely.

You can tilt your monitor 90 degrees up or down. Adjusting two swivel joints will allow you to adjust the height of each one. This monitor stand offers the most premium features for a reasonable price.

The best stand for TV screens

FPS5000 On-Stage

Professional users may require larger monitors. On-Stage’s FPS5000 flat-screen TV mount is the best choice. The FPS5000 is lightweight, strong, and mobile due to the four locking casters at its base.

The stand can support TVs up to 42 inches wide and 60 pounds in mass. The tilt angle can be adjusted by a mere 15 degrees. Height adjustment is available from 37″ to 61″. This makes it ideal for adding monitors at public events.

The best overall desk stand for dual-monitor systems

Mount-It Mount-It!

Do you need to mount two monitors in the same space as one desktop? The MI-2781 is the right choice. You can double the screen size with adjustable arms. The base, which is freestanding at 15 inches, is smaller than any single monitor stand.

Two monitors can be accommodated in the MI-2781. They can each measure 32 inches wide by 22 pounds. The VESA plate’s swivel allows for 45 degrees up or down tilt and the joint at each arm permits 180 degrees of motion on a 17 inch pole.

Best value desk mount for dual monitors

Mount-It! Mount-It!

The MI-2752 is the perfect tool for lifting your monitors from the desk. The MI-2781 can also hold up to 22 pounds of screen, but the maximum size screen is 27″. The MI-2752 works well with small- to medium-sized monitors and other situations that require minimal surface space.

If your largest monitor is 27″, the MI-2752 is a great value and may be the best option.

Best premium desk mount for dual monitors

Mount-It! Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount with Gas Spring Arms

The MI-1772 has a pair the same articulating gases arms as the 1771B. Each arm can support a monitor measuring 27 inches wide by 20 pounds. The gas spring design feels and looks premium. It is easy to adjust the viewing angle and height for the right angle and viewing height.

Three monitors are best on a stand

Mount-It! Mount-It!

Demanding users require ample screen space. If two monitors aren’t enough, adding another monitor to the rotation is the best option. This is a lot digital viewing space. But it also means that you have a lot more physical space to manage. The MI-789 is a single-stand with a fixed VESA mount at the center and two articulating arms to each side.

A V-shaped, ultra-stable base plate supports the triple-arm monitor stand. Each plate can hold a monitor measuring 24 inches wide by 22 pounds.