Airport Street Style to Inspire Your Travels

Who would not like to love travelling all the places your heart skip a beat just thinking about? We definitely would like to go on some New Year´s trip. Especially all over the world since we just love experiencing and getting to know the new cultures, customs, traditions and in the end everything, which make this or that state or country original and unique among the others. What is your most favourite destination you would like to travel to? Is it somewhere in America? Or probably, is it somewhere in the heart of Europe? Nope! Maybe it is a county situated in Asia or a small island situated in the sea.

Who knows. Maybe you will accomplish this dream of you this year. You never know. The most important thing to do is not only thinking about doing and experiencing it, but also doing something for that. This is simply how fulfilling your dreams work. You need to do or even sacrifice something if you want something else. Well, in the end, that is life about.

But back to the main topic! If you are already thinking about travelling somewhere around the world, there are some think you should consider before doing it. And one of them is definitely to be inspired! In today´s article, we will be talking about the airport fashion street style which can be seen at the airports, everywhere across the Earth. Today we will be presenting you a few the most fashionable outfits which we pick and which you can take inspiration from. And who is the best to be inspired by if not the celebrities and famous people, right?

But do not forget that one thing – they are people as well and they want to feel comfortable during the flight as well. The plane is not a place where you should all fancy and stuff. Especially when your flight is going to take more than just a few hours. You will surely not like to sleep in some fancy evening gown or leather pants. You would prefer something which gave you more freedom while moving and something light and comfortable.

Simple black and white classics

The immortal colour shade combination which definitely suits every single person on any occasion. This outfit is not only easy to match, but it is also really comfortable to wear. White sporty T-shirt, black skinny trousers or fitting leggings and the colourful trainers to freshen the whole outfit. As an accessory which can be also useful – especially when you do not feel like making any special hairstyles during the flight – is definitely the sporty cap. The preferred colour is definitely white or black, but even the same colour as your trainers will be totally fine.

Elegant All Black Combination

The second outfit is pretty similar to the first one. The only difference is, that this one is the whole black one. If this is your most favourite colour, the choice is totally clear! Sweatpants and sweatshirt is definitely the way to go!

Miss Casual

The third inspirational outfit is called Miss Casual. As you may see in the picture, this outfit is not only comfortable but pretty elegant and fashionable too. Loose T-shirt, black leggings, shiny metallic sneakers and, a total must-have of this season, warm fluffy coat or a cardigan. This kind of the coat will also keep you warm and since it is very soft, you can also use it as a rolled pillow if you do not have yours.

Queen of the Velvet

Who would not love the velvet, right? It is still one of the autumn/winter essentials and we do not really think there is somebody who does not own at least one clothing piece made of the velvet material. In this outfit, there is a matching black two-piece velvet outfit used. If you want to freshen it a bit, we recommend you to do so with the shoes or the cardigan as used in the example. Long open cardigans are a whole year must-have!

Basic cutie

Another outfit is based on the cute and innocent look, composed of the three main items – oversized snow-white knitted sweater, slightly ripped black skinny jeans and black simple sandals. A crossbody bag should not be missing too, of course. If you wish to bring some elegance and sophistication to your outfit as well, let´s try adding the round camel hat and dark brown sunglasses. In this case, even if you will be tired after the flight, nobody will notice!

Stylish Indie Girl

This outfit reminds us of those which people usually wear to the different music festivals. Comfortable, casual, a bit street style. A girl that gives off the tough vibe, but is sweet and caring underneath. The immortal almost all black combo with the stylish denim jacket which can be matched together with literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And oh, do not forget about the T-shirt with your the most favourite band on it!

Sunshine Babe

Our last inspiration of the most fashionable airport outfits you can take advantage of is the Sunshine Babe. As you may notice, the whole outfit is basically based on only two pieces – the two-piece sporty outfit and the sporty sneakers.