France’s first beer spa: Meet the couple behind this unusual self-care experience

You probably picture a spa day as a relaxing experience with fluffy dressing gowns, tranquil spaces, and a sauna. Taaka Beer Spa Strasbourg offers all of those amenities, but there’s more.

It is the first French-owned brewery of this type.

Paul Fruh and Naomie Crawshaw, the owners, first discovered the concept while on a trip through Prague as students.

“We thought, wow! We have to bring this to France.” “We have to show other French people this concept,” Naomie says to Euronews Travel.

What exactly is a beer spa?

There are three main stages to the experience. The first stage is to enter the sauna. This allows them to relax and allow for more beer bath, which is stage 2.

The beer bath does not contain beer. It wouldn’t be good for your skin and it would be quite cold. Naomie says that the beer bath is filled with the raw ingredients such as malt, hops, and beer yeast.

It may sound strange, but each ingredient has its own effect on your body.

The yeast improves the strength and shine of your hair, skin, and nails. Malt is known to help draw out toxins from your skin. The bath is scented with hops, which have a pleasant fruity and floral aroma. They are also believed to relax.

Hops can even be put under the pillow to improve your sleep.

Drink beer and support local producers

Two people can enjoy the huge wooden bathtubs. The room has four bathrooms, which is more than enough space to accommodate a group of beer-loving spa-goers. You can also rent the space for a private experience if you prefer.

Bathers also have their own beer taps so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you relax and unwind.

Paul and Naomie say what makes the spa unique is their commitment to supporting local producers.

Hops and yeast are from Alsace, while the malt is from Germany just across the border. The beer they serve comes from a small, local producer making it difficult to find elsewhere.

They also offer soft drinks, such as beer.

“We make a lemonade with hops that is very tasty. It’s very strange at first but it has a nice, floral taste,” Naomie says.

Why would you want to go to a beer spa

The relaxation room is the third stage. This space is where visitors can cool off after the intense sauna heat and hot bubbly bath.

DeFobis / Taaka Beer Spa

Naomie states, “I like to relax and take care of myself in a spa.”

Paul, after work, he enjoys going to have a beer with his friends. This is his way to relieve the pressure.

Naomie and Paul were inspired by their different ways of looking after themselves.

“You can take care of both your body and your mind simultaneously,” says our motto.

Naomie says that beer makes your mind more open and gives you a better feeling.

Prices start at EUR50 per head depending on how much time you wish to spend in the tub.