Is the Nio ET5 good enough to defeat the Tesla Model 3?

This electric car could be the one to give Tesla a taste?

The Tesla Model 3 rival, the Nio ET5, will be available in China next autumn. It has a range up to 620 miles and a twin-motor powertrain that produces 483 bhp, 516 lb ft, and is called the Nio ET5. It takes only 4.3 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph.

The powertrain includes a 201bhp motor in the front and a 282bhp motor in the rear. There are three sizes of batteries available: the 75kWh Standard Range unit (with 342 miles range), the 100kWh Long Range (435mi), and the 150kWh Ultralong Range, which boasts a range of over 620 miles. These range figures are based on China’s test cycle which is longer than the European one.

Although self-driving technology will be available at launch, Nio is not specific about the scenarios it will work in. The technology would “gradually attain a safe, reassuring autonomous driving experience in scenarios such as highways and urban areas, parking, and battery swapping.” These functions will be made available to subscribers.

The car’s interior follows Tesla’s minimalist design style. It has a clear dashboard, but is dominated by an infotainment screen. Nio claims that the world’s first option for passengers is augmented reality glasses. These glasses can project a virtual screen of 201in six metres in front.

Nio, a well-known electric car brand in China is currently producing four vehicles: the EC5, ES6 & ES8 SUVs, and the ET7 luxury saloon. The ET5 can be swapped for a battery, just like the other models. The car is now around PS8000 less expensive, and empty batteries can be swapped at automated stations in China within three minutes for fully charged ones.

It will cost approximately PS38,935 in China. This is marginally less than the Model 3.