Neom: The futuristic city where ‘people, robotic avatars and holograms can co-exist’

Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom is a bubbling pot of Arabian tradition and science-bending futurism. Megacity Neom is leading the transformation.

It is clear that Neom has a strong technological presence and sustainability goals. With robotic avatars available and holograms in the works, Neom can be part of every day life.

The 26,500-kilometre-square site, which emerged from the harsh desert beauty, will run 460 kms along the coasts of the Red Sea in Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia. It will provide a residential haven that is entirely self-sufficient and powered by renewable energy.

Andrew McEvoy, Head of Tourism, Neom says that Neom’s innovation in travel and living is interwoven with nature.

Our goal is to make the world a more appealing and sustainable place and to bring creativity and flair back into travel.

Andrew McEvoy is the Head of Tourism at Neom

“It is our goal to be the most attractive yet sustainable destination in the world and bring creativity and flair back into travel.” about:blank

The smart city, estimated at $500 billion (EUR480billion), aims to attract five millions visitors by 2030. The first hotels will open in 2024. McEvoy says that the project is “perhaps the most ambitious in the world”.

Neom, which is made up of three districts, will span mountains, desert, and the sea. The Line, a sustainable city that spans 160 kilometres, will be able to house one million people, while Oxagon, the largest floating industrial facility in the world, will be able to hold a total of 500,000 people. Trojena’s dizzying heights will be a magnet for adventurers.

What can Trojena offer?


Trojena lies 50 km from the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. It is surrounded by the beautiful Sarawat Mountains at an elevation of 1,500 to 2,600m.

Covering an area of nearly 60 square kilometres, the project is set to become the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) only outdoor year-round destination with high-mountain-quality dry air, according to Communications and Marketing Director at Trojena, Clark Williams.

He says that Trojena intends to be the pinnacle human ingenuity and design, as well as engineering and architectural innovation.

It will set a new standard for mountain development and will be a major destination in the region.

Trojena is expected to open in 2026. It will feature a skiing slope, watersports, and other world-class facilities. The interactive nature reserve will be part of the project.

Neom Peak is approximately 2,400m above sea level. The Ski Village offers snow skiing, winter and synthetic slopes throughout the year.

Neom Lake, a man-made lake that has been built on top of a mountain, is being transformed into a place for watersports and a venue for events.

Technology and sustainability: Robots and humans co-exist in harmony


The Vault, which will act as the main entrance to Trojena is a folded-vertical village connecting the digital and physical worlds.

Williams says that Trojena’s innovation and technology are the core of Neom’s offerings.

The Vault is a futuristic, mesmerizing destination in which humans, robot avatars, and holograms will co-exist.

Clark Williams. Trojena Communications and Marketing Director

“The Vault” will be a futuristic, mesmerizing destination where humans, robot avatars, and holograms can interact, co-exist, and engage in various activities, events, and bend both the digital and physical worlds into a unique metaverse.

The Vault will be the main portal to Trojena’s metaverse. It will also host shops, restaurants, entertainment, and a public park. Sustainability is its core.

Neom’s masterplan was designed with the natural terrain and all building works are intended to preserve the natural features.

Trojena will follow strict decarbonisation procedures on an operational basis. This includes heating and cooling, insulation, building materials, and performance-based building codes.

Trojena: When is it best to visit?


Trojena’s tourism season will be divided into four seasons with different offerings and attractions.

From November through March, the winter season will be focused on skiing and snowboarding as well as hot air ballooning.

The Adventure Season runs from March to May. It offers high altitude training and paragliding as well as climbing and an Ironman Athletics challenge for those who dare.

The Lake season will be open to culture-lovers with music, art, and food festivals. Wellness season will feature a yoga retreat, and other wellness-focused events.

“Trojena will serve as a model for future Neom human-centric-designed communities, showcasing what active, community-based, cognitive, luxurious and comfortable living should look like,” says Williams.

It will set a new standard for mountain development and will be a major destination in the region.