Photoshop to Add ‘Prepare as NFT’ to Save Options

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s director of marketing, confirmed that Adobe will add a “Prepare As NFT” save option for Photoshop to provide a preview of “by the end-of the month”. This is in an effort to stop the “mining of art” by people who didn’t make it.

Belsky informed the Verge’s Podcast that the new Content Credentials system, which was announced today by the Content Authenticity Initiative(CAI), would live on an InterPlanetary File System. This is a distributed way to host files much like how a torrent system works. The network is responsible for keeping data available and safe rather than a central server. As described in the Content Attribution rollout by the CAI, NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and KnownOrigin can incorporate Content Credentials to show attribution information.

Adobe’s new partnerships and NFT marketplaces support Content Credentials compatibility. Belsky claims Adobe will go beyond supporting attribution in files. Creators will soon be able to create artwork for minting using NFT from Photoshop.

Belsky states that by the end this month, there will be a “prepare for NFT” option. It will take any project you have and will help you package it and prepare it with the attribution capabilities we just talked about for various minting platforms or blockchains.Photoshop’s Content Credentials panel.

Belsky is a huge fan of NFTs but not in the publicized way they are. While he believes there will be more booms than crashes, he also claims that NFTs are a more powerful and aligned system for creativity than any other.

You can make an NFT, and get the primary sales revenue, as well as a portion of any secondary sales. This is based on the contract that you use. This is a huge advantage over any other art form, galleries or anything else. The attribution is always available for you. Belsky states that you always have a connection with your collectors.”

This is where Photoshop will support this feature.

So many of our customers are proud to say that they make stuff with your tools. Then, other people make the same stuff. Belsky states, “I want to be able to prove that I did it.” We’re like, “Great. We will give you the opportunity to prepare as NFT and we’ll cryptographically secure it in an open-source manner for you to have that. We will work with NFTs open markets to make that information available along with an NFT with any cryptographic signature surrounding the creator. That should help you solve your problem.

There are currently no rules or restrictions in the blockchain that would prevent someone from minting an NFT using content they didn’t create. Even if the NFT has been created, the mere fact it was created as an NFT gives it credibility and authenticity.

Belsky stated that he and Adobe are working together to fight this type of theft. While what he describes will not stop all instances, Adobe will prove that the NFT you are creating wasn’t stolen if it is connected to one of the NFT markets Adobe is working with. It is still up for debate whether this attribution data has any value.