Sicily’s best boutique hotels: Sleep in style at these high-end hideaways

Sicily has a lot of charm, and boutique hotels offer the ideal way to enjoy local culture and luxury while in Sicily. Because they are smaller, there is less chance of people mixing and interacting with each other. This has been a benefit for many travelers since the pandemic.

However, it is not always easy to understand what a boutique hotel means.

One option on this list is more business-oriented than the other, even though it’s called boutique. Another is a boutique hotel, but for all the right reasons. Do your research to ensure that you are booking the right hotel.

We’ll be moving clockwise to show you the most popular tourist spots on Sicily.

Cefalu – Le Calette Garden & Bay

Cefalu is a popular day trip destination from Palermo (the largest city in Sicily) and just an hour by train. It’s worth spending two to three days in this historical beachside resort.

Le Calette Bay and Garden is 2km away from the town center, hidden in a bay of sparkling blue waters. This small resort has everything you need right at your doorstep. It’s so small that many guests never make it to Cefalu. This charming resort at the seaside is just 20 minutes away and accessible via the complimentary hotel shuttle.

La Calette

The hotel’s main area is spacious and has a beautiful pool and bar. A terrace offers stunning views of the ocean and breakfast. Calette Reef Club is also located below. It’s open from June through September. To discover the hidden bay around the bay, I recommend climbing down the ladder and swimming out from there.

La Calette

The Le Calette hotels have been in operation since 1969. The excellent service and smooth operation of the hotels speak for themselves. The staff at the reception were extremely helpful and available to answer any questions I had about the hotel’s services such as the spa or yoga classes.

La Calette

The selection of rooms at Le Calette really shows off the five stars awarded to it. The private outdoor spaces make them feel large inside and out. It feels luxurious and high-end, with small touches such as fresh fruit that really enhance the experience.

Salina, Aeolian Islands – Principe da Salina

Salina is my favorite Aeolian island, and Principe Da Salina has become my favorite hotel in Italy and possibly in Europe. It was an amazing find, and I was fortunate to be able to book a room in the very last minute. There are only 12 rooms available, and they were all booked up for the entire summer, even this one.

Principe da Salina

This tranquil retreat has many little touches, such as the sulphuric geoothermal pool that improves circulation and the linen sarongs available for guests. You can’t go wrong with the impeccable home cooking and interior design, as well as an infinity pool that is to die for.

Principe da Salina

The garden room featured a lovely terrace with a hanging chair that looked out onto the sea. The perfect place to curl up with your book was this terrace, which was quiet enough that you could hear the pin drop. The silence that surrounds Principe was my favorite thing about it. Within hours of my arrival, I had forgotten all about my daily worries and was able to enjoy the place without any restrictions.

It is not suitable for families with young children due to the tranquility of the place. The majority of guests were either couples or solo travelers. It was clear that many of them were fleeing busy lives and high-pressure careers.

Principe da Salina

Principe is run as a family, and you will feel welcome into their circle. The matriarch oversees the kitchen, which uses seasonal, local ingredients. You can get a full lunch plate starting at EUR10, which is a great value for money.

Anita, the daughter and manager of the winery, is happy to arrange a wine tasting at one or more nearby vineyards. We were also given recommendations for Santa Marina restaurants, which is the heart of Salina. You shouldn’t expect to see much of the island, as it is hard to get away from Principe’s warm embrace.

Modica – Modica Boutique Hotel

Modica Boutique Hotel’s location was my first impression. It is located in Modica’s shopping district, not in the historical centre. The hotel is also attached to a station. This business hotel is a great choice despite its odd location.

The lobby, designed by CaberlonCaroppi and spacious, leads to the restaurant. You can eat here any time of the day, and you’ll find a wide variety of international and Italian dishes.

Modica Boutique Hotel

Each floor features water and ice stations. The corridors that lead to the rooms run through them. Although there are many rooms that can be tailored to different budgets, they are all spacious and well-designed.

This is the ideal place to stay for business travelers. It’s easy to access the main road into and out Modica. It was very quiet and the wifi worked flawlessly. It was a great place for work and a great place to get a good night sleep. A meeting room is available for rent on the ground floor.

Modica Boutique Hotel

Shuttle services are available to take you to the old town and the hotel’s private beaches. This is the best way to get to the old town.

Mount Etna – Monaci delle Terre Nere

This is the right place for you if you are looking for adventure and hiking during the day, and quiet solitude at night. Also, wine lovers should take note.

Monaci delle Terre Nere, a 25-hectare estate located at the foot Mount Etna is Europe’s most active volcano. They also grow six varieties of wine, which are all delicious, and more fruits and vegetables than I can mention.

Every aspect of the experience is tied to the produce from the estate, including the fruit basket that awaits you in your room and the lunch and dinner menus which change daily. The food was a bit expensive, especially in Sicily, where it is possible to eat for as low as EUR30 per head with wine. The helipad made me feel that money is not an issue for many clients.

Monaci delle Terre Nere

The rooms are located in the Monaci delle Terre Nere, which is made up of chalets. You feel like you have your own land because there is so much between them. The window is still open, but a golf buggy glides past it – this was the mode of transport that used to transport guests.

It was a Deluxe Estate Suite that I stayed in and it was amazing. The suite had a bedroom and a living area, as well as two bathrooms. There was even a walk in closet. You can fit up to four friends comfortably on the sofa in your living room.

Monaci delle Terre Nere

It was cloudy and gray when I visited Monaci in September. This is not unusual for Mt. Etna, where the weather can be as unpredictable as the volcano itself. Although I would have expected to be disappointed, my suite was so unique that I didn’t feel the need to leave. I set the fire, connected the Bose speaker in the room, and spent the afternoon in my suite. Then, I took a dip in our private pool.

Monaci is an excellent choice for luxury and breathtaking views of Mt Etna.

Noto – Masseria degli Ulivi

Masseria degli Ulivi can be reached in 10 minutes from Noto, Sicily’s gay capital and one of the island’s most beautiful baroque towns. You wouldn’t even know that you were so close to a bustling metropolitan center if you stayed here. Masseria degli Ulivi feels like a real countryside retreat.

Although olives are harvested late in the year, oil is still available year round. It was rich in flavor and colour, and I had it for dinner. The signature of the hotel is homemade produce, including freshly baked bread for dinner and homemade jams for breakfast. These delicious treats made the food my favorite part of the trip.

A large outdoor pool overlooking the countryside is located in the middle of Masseria. This area, like the rest of the hotel, is simple designed. This area doesn’t have manicured lawns nor velvet sofas. The decor is more traditional Sicilian. Our room was decorated with neutral colors and calming whites to keep in line with this theme.

There are no fancy tech or USB outlets in this hotel, unlike most. This was a great thing for me as it allowed me to switch off my devices and do a quick digital detox. Similar service is provided. Staff are available if needed, but they don’t seem intrusive or overbearing.

Overall, it was a very relaxing stay in this country hotel. I will definitely return.